Buck Up And Drive! Free Download

Buck Up And Drive! Free Download PC Game Cracked in Direct Link and Torrent. Buck Up And Drive! – There is time to explain, I just don’t wanna.

Buck Up And Drive! Free Download


Game Overview


 DEVELOPER: Fábio Fontes

 PUBLISHER: Fábio Fontes

 RELEASE DATE: 10 Jan, 2022

 GENRE: Action, Racing, Anime


Where are we going? As individuals… as a species… what awaits us at the end of this road? Is there an end? Was there an beginning? Does this road symbolize real life in the sense that there’s no turning back? And how does pineapple juice fit into all this? Maybe I should just shut up, Buck Up And Drive!


Buck Up And Drive! Torrent Download

Key Fetures:

  • Endless driving game inspired by arcade classics, with simple yet intense gameplay featuring a total slap in the face of realism. And a kick in the spleen, too!
  • Procedurally generated track with multiple environments to visit, ranging from the somewhat realistic to the completely absurd. GO TO HELL!… literally!
  • Go 1v1 against another player (or a CPU) in a fighting mode. With cars. I dunno either, I came up with it while in the shower.
  • Customizable car decals through external image files. Put “eggplants” all over the cars, for all I care!
  • Controls for both game modes are 8 directions and one button. Play one-handed, if you want! Keep your other hand for… holding orange juice! Yes!
  • Available for both Windows and Ubuntu (other Linux distros may work).

Buck Up And Drive! PC Crack

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